Joshua McDevitt



Joshua A. McDevitt (b. 1991) is a Washington based artist and the founder of Groovy Contemporary. He holds an MFA from The University of Iowa and has taught courses at Iowa, Baton Rouge Community College and Western Washington University. His practice, in addition to photography, includes appropriated objects, video and installation. By using the creative process as a means to reflect, Joshua’s work delves into memory and various themes of identity from sexual orientation to place and the definition of home.

In recent years, Joshua has been on the jury for the Essence of Bellingham photography competition and had work featured at Living Arts, Manifest Gallery for their 10th Annual MASTER PIECES, and Tropical Contemporary. In 2016 he held a solo exhibition at Clamp Light Artist Studios & Gallery in San Antonio in conjunction with the Fotoseptiembre USA photography festival. His exhibition, Orientation: Unsure, was listed at number two in the San Antonio Current’s Our Top 10 Picks for Fotoseptiembre 2016.